Shower of Blessings for Candy Land!

I love that today I get to write about one of my favorite programs – the baby orphanage. I am so excited to tell you what God is doing!

I’ve written a lot about Kandiance who passed away last month from cancer. She was truly an amazing warrior for Christ. It didn’t matter the conversation – it always ended with Kandiance talking about Jesus. She would get off on one of her tangents and everyone would say – “There she goes – she’s off in Kandi-Land!” Yes – she often lived in a world of her own but it was always her heart’s desire to come to Haiti and work in the baby orphanage. She never got to make that trip here but she will never be forgotten just the same.

In honor of Angel and in memory of Kandiance – we are naming the baby orphanage – Candy Land! We cannot wait to dress that place up and make all the babies feel like they’re apart of the game! We are currently fundraising to finish off the 3 bedrooms we’ve started – so we can house more children. There are many ways you can help.

1)We need things like tile, paint, fans, lights, wood, plumbing parts, electrical parts, fabric, etc. Write some places and see if they’ll donate some of the supplies.

2)Join us next summer when we bring in people to literally make the place look like the game board.

3) I’m serious about this. I plea for it every year and I never get a response. Be at Walmart the day after Christmas and buy out their lighted candy canes and Christmas decorations. I’m serious – really do it. I hate it that I’m not in the states the day after Christmas to buy decorations. We start decorating the campus in October. We can never have enough lights! The babies love to look at the lights and we bring kids in to tour and watch movies every December.

4)If you can draw or paint or sew curtains – or contribute to the decorative supplies in any way – let me know. I’d love to put your gifts to good use.

5) Sponsor a child. We need people who will consistently give to sustain our program.

6)The other thing you can do is throw a baby shower without a baby! Want to know how to do it – I know just the people you should call. First Church of Christ in Burlington, KY  just hosted a Shower of Blessings for our precious little babies in Haiti. They have been collecting things for a while and we now have a truck and trailer-load worth of baby items! I am so excited – I cannot WAIT to see everything! The nurses and all the workers cannot wait to unload that boat full of supplies!

It can be a real burden on your spirit when you see programs you love lacking the essential items they need just to function. Our Burlington folks not only got the things we needed but they got so many things we WANTED – things we DREAMED of having! Can I just share a “few” things? How about a new washer/dryer, industrial ceiling fans, a new dvd player, and get this – a 42-inch TV!!! I know where my kids will be every day – – – well they’re already there everyday! (Except this week because there is a scabies outbreak – another story for another day! LOL)

We’ve got walkers, swings, potty chairs, high chairs, picnic tables, cleaning supplies, baby wipes, washes, shampoo, diapers, food, medicines, formula, clothes, blankets, bottles, a play kitchen, play gyms – i mean the list goes on and on!

One person took an idea and decided to make a difference for babies in another country. I don’t ever want to hear someone say that something is too big – that there is no way they can make a difference. I challenge you to do something so extraordinary that the only way it can be accomplished is if God intervenes……and then watch Him work!

It’s our goal to raise $25,000.00 to FINISH the construction of the baby orphanage. That is something TOO HUGE for Angel and I to do alone. Thankfully God is with us! LOL! Isn’t He always? What about you – are you with us?

If you’d like to donate money to help the baby orphanage- please send a check to the mission:
PO BOX 829
Versailles, KY 40383
Just write a note it’s for Candy Land!

Just some pics of the Shower of Blessings

4 responses to “Shower of Blessings for Candy Land!”

  1. Where there is VISION, God will provide the PROVISION!! All at His timing of course, which is always right on time! I continue to rejoice with you over the overwhelming supply for the baby orphanage!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of the shipment arriving there! Miss you all more than you will ever know.

  2. Hey Jody,

    Be sure to check out the shipment coming over this Christmas. There should be Christmas items you wanted. 🙂 Hope you can put them to use. Take care.

    PS – your little ones are so adorable – I can’t believe how big they are already. 🙂

  3. Yeah! I can’t wait to see the shipment! I was in New York last week and I bought 4 duffle bags worth of Christmas lights. I plan to take a picture tomorrow. Even with all that – we’re still so short on lights. I can’t wait for the kids to take their tours through the campus and watch movies in the courtyard. It’s so nice for the kids to forget where they are – if even for just a few hours.

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