Christmas In Haiti – Part 1

We’ve spent several days decorating the courtyard. Our Boys (those that live on campus) have been working really hard. They decorated the upstairs all by themselves this year. I have to tell you – it’s pretty funny. Not only did they use all the decorations we had designated for upstairs but they then went downstairs and stole about 50 strands that were for the courtyard. You know they’re taking it serious when they get out the drill and start drilling lights to the concrete. I’ve NEVER seen so many lights upstairs! It’s really beautiful.

Ivenor went up in the tree further this year than we’ve ever gone before. Pierre was working until the generator went off at 11pm for two nights straight. They surprised me and started stringing lights all around the ledge of the roof. Edril and Wagner were helping Jose fix all the broken light strands. It was a real team effort.

We all stood by the gate and looked through the courtyard at all the decorations we put up. We were proud of the work we had done. After about 3 minutes of looking at everything we all had the same thought…..we need more lights!! 🙂

Jose and I will fly to the states for 4 days in December to go to the board meeting. The boys have begged me to bring back 2 more suitcases full of lights! They want to go all the way around the compound – over by the baby orphanage. They’re so funny! I love it!

Here is our work thus far:

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  1. I approve seeing how the Miriam Center walk way doesn’t look so desolate 🙂 IT’S HAPPY!!!

  2. Wow! It looks nice. Wish I could be there to see it. It is probably the most decorated for Christmas of any place in Haiti. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

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