Mole Land Purchased!

It has been an overwhelming few days but Wisley just called me from the Mole! We have officially purchased the land ! PRAISE THE LORD!!

There are two more pieces of land we want surrounding this first purchase. We were trying to buy them all at the same time but someone else owns them. We will not run into the same problem we had with this first piece of land because we’re already there. They can’t stop us. But they could play with the prices some. So please continue to pray we can acquire the surrounding land so that we will have the space to hold the ministry.

I cannot even begin to tell you how hard satan has been trying to block us from coming.  BUT HE HAS LOST THE BATTLE!

We officially rented a house for my family today as well as the employees that are going out there with us!

So this is really happening……our family is moving to the Mole!

5 responses to “Mole Land Purchased!”

  1. Awesome! – I have been praying all day about the Mole!!! – Praise God for this victory!!

  2. Jody, how wonderful, how scary, how awesome! You have your challenge and what a one it is. You are not alone. We are here for you and your family and your mission. Just keep us in the loop and we will stand in the gap for you!

  3. Jose and Jody: I pray for you and your family, and now I will especially pray for the move and for the acquisition of the land surrounding for extending your ministry. Hang in there and always know that God is with you.

  4. Yeah God! We KNOW who wins the war….every time! The harder satan fights…the more he knows God has BIG plans!!! You guys will grow…..and will help others grow!!! So excited to see what God has in store for the missionaries and the Haitians through this!! You will be wonderfully blessed as you trust God and move from your comfort zone…..and the Haitians will receive blessings beyond anything you can ask or imagine!!!! Make sure you find a flat spot for a volleyball court! hee hee!

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