A Little Girl Named Rosenayke…

Rosenayke is 3 years old. She has retinoblastoma in both of her eyes which is a type of cancer. Her left eye has been removed (by Bill White this past week from the Eye Team) because of advanced cancer in that eye. She requires chemotherapy and cryotherapy to prevent the cancer from spreading. Her right eye also has cancer – but there’s still a chance to save the sight in that eye. If the cancer spreads to her brain  -however –  then there’s nothing more we can do.

The timeline for her life right now is weeks. The family is originally from Port-au-Prince. They lost all their paperwork in the earthquake. We have found a hospital – St. Jude’s Hospital – who will completely pay for everything she needs. They’ll even pay for the transportation of her and a parent to come to the states. This kind of stuff doesn’t just happen. The hardest thing normally for a sick child in Haiti is finding the stateside support she needs. SHE HAS IT ALL – literally within seconds of calling the states. It’s trying to get the needed paperwork for her passport that is giving us problems.

I have been working tirelessly at trying to get all the paperwork she needs – but am hitting block walls. Andrew Blatt came in with the Eye Team and has helped make all the connections with the stateside hospital. He said that she needs to leave immediately. Her timeline is short.

Please – Please – pray for little Rosenayke. This is one of those moments were Only God is going to make it happen. I know He can give miracles and we need one to help her live. Wisley and I have been making phone calls and trying to do what we can but you know how Haiti is – how corrupt it is – and how nothing comes easy. What a shame to lose her because of paperwork when we have a hospital ready and willing.

Get your prayer chains started!! Pray for a miracle.

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  1. Have sent this out to our women ministry leaders for added prayer support. Will stand by with our prayers and wait for an update.

  2. i will def pray for u!!!! please feel better. i have beeen though a cancer path with my very good friend!!!! so please feel better!!!! i will send this email to every one i know !!!! once again please feel better!!! god bless u!!!

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