Somber Campus…

It’s been a sad week here at the mission. We are no further along with Rosenayke’s paperwork. We have contacted some government officials and some congressmen – but so far we keep hitting the wall. No one on this side will help us and our time is so limited.

Two days ago the mission’s lab tech – Yonel – was having epigastric pain. They gave him some medicine and he went into a sudden and unexpected coma. This is not a guy who was sick – but very strong. The campus has been in complete distress as we are told the outlook isn’t good. We are going to see if we can fly him to the Dominican for a MRI. He began seizing last night. We do NOT understand. Two days now – and he’s still unresponsive. Please pray for him, his family and his friends.

Tonight was supposed to be the staff gathering where I would tell the employees why we’re moving. However – the campus is so somber it’s not the time for a party. So we have postponed that. My family has spent most of the week packing up our home. The Haitians have been very aware of that. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t moments of tears. We’ve had several moments this week with our Haitian friends and family which have crushed our hearts. I will miss them more than they could ever know.

It’s been emotional going through everything we own- clothes, books,pictures, baby albums, first baby toys, and many memories. It seems like we’ve packed at least 60 garbage bags and dozens and dozens of random suitcases and tubs. I finally got the nerve to pack up the kids’ playroom. That was a nightmare but it’s completely packed up….there’s not a toy left in the room. The closets are mostly done, pictures and shelves off the walls, and most of the rooms are simply left with furniture to tote out the day we leave.

We are heading to the Mole tomorrow with the girls. Gabriel will stay with my parents in Port-de-Paix. We’re leaving the twins and Gigi here. Capital Area Christian Church is in right now and we are taking them to the Mole to share the vision and dreams for that campus. We should be back on Monday.

So that’s the run-down of the last few days. Keep this campus in your prayers.

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  1. Jody, you are no less facing the same situations that God’s heroes of times past have. At this time in history, He has chosen you to do great things for the people of Haiti. Not everyone gets such kingdom opportunities. But with opportunity comes responsibility and sacrifice and it is tough and hurtful and hard at times to move forward. While His grace is always sufficient, I praise Him because He doesn’t leave us to cope with these struggles alone. Rather, He cries with us and shares in our pain as we do the hard things which our obedience requires. Your faithfulness will be rewarded and in the process your name written into God’s history of saving the world! What an honor … so keep on keeping on highly honored one! We are pulling for you (praying too).

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