Update on Yonel and Rosenakye

Yonel is in the Dominican right now. He is the lab tech that went unexpectedly into a coma.

He is out of his coma! Praise the Lord!! He has opened his eyes. He has a feeding tube and is off oxygen. He will squeeze your hand but nothing further. He cries tears but cannot speak or move any other part of his body. Please keep him in your prayers.

Rosenakye and her dad were here yesterday. The treatment that she needs is 9 months of chemotherapy in the states. We are NO further along then when I first posted. The government here will not budge on the fact that the family members have no real paperwork that says who they are. I did have a senator’s office call me yesterday to see what they could do to help but I’m afraid even their hands are tied. It would be one thing if we’re just trying to expedite a passport. But we can’t even apply for one until the birth certificate is all straightened out which that office refuses to help us.

The daddy said Rosenakye cries every night in pain. She does not sleep. She came and sat on my lap yesterday when we talked and I sent her out with a little doll. She didn’t seem in pain in front of me. She was smiling and talking. But maybe the nights are different. So please keep this situation in your prayers.

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  1. Jody, as an oncology nurse, I wish she could get out and start treatment immediately. If we could get an oncology institution (St. Jude’s) to donate the chemo drugs and regimen to follow, as a chemo certified nurse and oncology nurse–I would consider coming in and administering the drugs as they should be given and train the staff on what follow-up between treatments needs to be done. This would be another way to get her the treatment before it is too late. I have mixed chemo drugs before. See if this is another route that can be explored.

    • Wow! This could be a huge answer to prayer! I just emailed this to St. Judes.

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