Conversations About Moving…

Mikela: 6 years old         Rosie: 6 years old          Malaya: 5 years old         Gabriel: 2 years old

Me: So kids – what will you miss the most in St. Louis?
Malaya: Nana.
Me: No IN St. Louis.
Malaya: Courtney.
Mikela: Ice
Rosie: the black people.
Gabriel: Eveline

Me: If we could bring anything we wanted to the Mole – what would it be?
Malaya: Nana. (gotta love that kid).
Mikela: ice cream
Rosie: the black people (I wonder if she knows they live there too! LOL!)
Gabriel: Rosie

Me: What’s the first thing you want to do when we move into our new house?

Malaya: Play with the babies
Mikela: Go to the beach and dance
Rosie: Make new friends
Gabriel: Swim

Random Chit-Chat:
Malaya: How long before we gonna move there? It’s been 1000 days already.
Me: Maybe in 2 weeks.
Malaya: I hope I don’t die before then.

Mikela: Mom – how come you never swim with us in the ocean?
Me: Because I don’t like the fish in there.
Mikela: But we moved. The whale can’t eat you now.

Malaya: Do you think we could leave Gabe in St. Louis?
Me: No. Why?
Malaya: I just think that would be best for everybody.

Mikela: do you think the americans will come and see us there?
Me: Yes.
Rosie: What about the canadians?


  1. Lindsay Nation says:

    your kids are hilarious- love them and miss them! and i will be one of those americans coming to see you all there! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    this made me smile 🙂 I am gonna miss your family 🙂

  3. Bethany Watkins says:

    How precious! Although I must say, my favorite was Malaya saying that leaving Gabe in St. Louis would be best for everyone. Spoken like an older sister!

  4. Lisa from CACC says:

    Gotta love the views of the kids. Always original and surprising. Tell Rosie that this American will definitely come see you all.

  5. Ann Wise says:

    Love those kids of yours. Tell Mikayla I miss her, she’s a princess, Malaya…well she’s just a riot all the time, Rosie…she’s so inquisitive with those big brown eyes and millions of quesions; Gigi…awesome to watch her walking; the boys…they’re all adorable but still looking for one who favors Jose’s handsome looks…any chance of one in the Mole!

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