Conversations About Moving…

Mikela: 6 years old         Rosie: 6 years old          Malaya: 5 years old         Gabriel: 2 years old

Me: So kids – what will you miss the most in St. Louis?
Malaya: Nana.
Me: No IN St. Louis.
Malaya: Courtney.
Mikela: Ice
Rosie: the black people.
Gabriel: Eveline

Me: If we could bring anything we wanted to the Mole – what would it be?
Malaya: Nana. (gotta love that kid).
Mikela: ice cream
Rosie: the black people (I wonder if she knows they live there too! LOL!)
Gabriel: Rosie

Me: What’s the first thing you want to do when we move into our new house?

Malaya: Play with the babies
Mikela: Go to the beach and dance
Rosie: Make new friends
Gabriel: Swim

Random Chit-Chat:
Malaya: How long before we gonna move there? It’s been 1000 days already.
Me: Maybe in 2 weeks.
Malaya: I hope I don’t die before then.

Mikela: Mom – how come you never swim with us in the ocean?
Me: Because I don’t like the fish in there.
Mikela: But we moved. The whale can’t eat you now.

Malaya: Do you think we could leave Gabe in St. Louis?
Me: No. Why?
Malaya: I just think that would be best for everybody.

Mikela: do you think the americans will come and see us there?
Me: Yes.
Rosie: What about the canadians?

5 responses to “Conversations About Moving…”

  1. your kids are hilarious- love them and miss them! and i will be one of those americans coming to see you all there! 🙂

  2. How precious! Although I must say, my favorite was Malaya saying that leaving Gabe in St. Louis would be best for everyone. Spoken like an older sister!

  3. Gotta love the views of the kids. Always original and surprising. Tell Rosie that this American will definitely come see you all.

  4. Love those kids of yours. Tell Mikayla I miss her, she’s a princess, Malaya…well she’s just a riot all the time, Rosie…she’s so inquisitive with those big brown eyes and millions of quesions; Gigi…awesome to watch her walking; the boys…they’re all adorable but still looking for one who favors Jose’s handsome looks…any chance of one in the Mole!

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