I am writing you right now from our home in the Mole! We were greeted at the airport by Bena, Pierre, Papa Gigi, and Jocelyn! As soon as we pulled upfront of the house we were greeted by the  rest of our extended family including Miss Beth and Gigi!!

Today was a great day of travel. The kids were champs again! We spent some time this afternoon socializing with some of the employees and sure enough I started getting goosebumps thinking about the ministry being unleashed here! Listening to Miss Beth’s stories of all the loving and teaching she’s already done – it is very inspiring. Make sure you check out her blog – http://coachin4christ.wordpress.com/

We will start updating the Mole Blog as things begin to happen.

We do ask that you continue to keep Asher in your prayers. On the very hot truck ride here – Asher had a seizure in the front of the truck. We poured cold water over him and he didn’t move at all – didn’t blink – nothing. It lasted for about 3 minutes. I was upset about it at first but then I remembered that God has a plan for this little boy. He was checked out from head to toe in the states. I know that he is okay. We will make medication adjustments as needed and keep him as cool as we can at all times. I am not discouraged.

My ankle hurt so bad when I was at the airport. It was so swollen. I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to walk at all the next day. But I did. There were no 2 steps back – but only steps forward. It’s like God is strengthening “me” day by day and I know he’ll do the same for Asher.

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  1. My sweet sweet Ashey! Nana’s heart is broken that you have had a seizures already. Honey Nana is praying for you all the time asking God to heal your little body. I miss you so much.

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