Much To Do…

I LOVE Sundays in the Mole. It’s such a different experience than what we’re used to in St. Louis du Nord. I love the simple service – I love the fellowship.

I normally like to keep Sunday afternoons as our private family time but having been gone for so long – I made an exception for today. The pastor and his wife came by for a visit. We started talking about the women’s conference and all the different departments we want to start for the church. As we wait for our other campus programs to begin – this is the time to really invest our energy and resources into the church – to start a solid foundation.

This afternoon I spent a lot of time talking with Jocelyn and Pierre – about their future here and what all they could do. I really want them to be leaders- not simply interpreters. They really have a heart for the youth. We talked about ways we could get the teens excited about ministry. We want to start weekly small groups as well as regular weekly services directed right at the teens.  There are many projects here that the mayor would like for us to be involved in. Maybe if we provide some of the supplies – the teens could actually do some social work for the town. We had more ideas then we could put on paper.

Just as excited as they are for the teens – I am for the women. Magdala is heading this way on Tuesday so we can discuss the women’s conference. I CANNOT WAIT to see her!  I spent part of the afternoon fellowshipping with our women employees and together we dreamed about all the things we could teach the ladies here.

On Mondays at 4pm we will hold weekly staff meetings. It’s so easy for satan to get a foothold here. So many times the root of problems are miscommunication, people feeling left out, or people feeling like they have no voice. BUT – we are to be one family.  All of us – Haitian and American  – are missionaries here in the Mole. I want us to share our High-Low’s each week, prayer requests, goals, thoughts, and hearts. With Christ’s help – together – we can win the Mole to the Lord. And that my friends – is all I could ask for!

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