I Saw Jesus Today…

I saw Jesus today and it started with a smile;
A nod from my neighbor, a wave from his child.
He asked for my hand and helped me walk down the path;
I nearly stumbled and fell – but not once did he laugh.

Then I came across a lady sitting by a shade tree;
No place to sit down – her only chair she gave me.
We talked for a while and she thanked me for my time;
Never once did she ask me- for a goude – not a dime.

I continue on my way – and greet each person the same;
When a man calls out to me – He knows me by name.
I’m a missionary in the Mole – it’s my job each day;
But here is a man – stopping me – just to pray?

He knew I went to the states and knew about my son;
He insisted on praying before our conversation was done.
He asked me for nothing but wished me a blessed day;
Then he was gone just like that – merrily on his way.

So around the corner I go – and what do I see?
Jesus in the kitchen – scrubbing dishes – making tea.
It’s hot and it’s sweaty and yet she cooks with such care;
Now a widow and single mother – she has so much to bare.

Each one has so little – not much they can give;
But with Christ inside – they find reason to live.
I saw Jesus in their faces – His mercy in their brows;
His love in their hearts – His grace in their smiles.

“Only If God Wants” – is what often they say;
It’s truly up to Him – what they’ll do every day.
They don’t question or ask – why they live the way they do;
They’re Imitators of Christ – oh – to walk in their shoes…

2 responses to “I Saw Jesus Today…”

  1. Thank you so much for the reminder that God has given to each his own gift. That things gifts are expected by most of us. Often receiving without thanking. But for some the most treasured gifts are never touched. A kind word, a meal prepared by one who could but does not complain. Thank you today for reminding me of my blessings, both great and small. I am thankful for you, and your witness.

  2. And how is my little Asher doing these days? So proud of you Jody and so excited about your women’s program. Lori taught my Dorcus yesterday. You and Lori make my heart so happy when I hear of your teaching and your goals to reach the loss. Love ya so much , Momma

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