Our First Fall Group…

We are getting ready for a big week! Tomorrow we have around 20 people coming!

Those on the List:
Grant – ALWAYS a pleasure to see him 🙂
Diane Cornelius – Our beautiful Wedding Lady! (First time to see the Mole)
Dennis and Lor Volk – Will be heading up the medical clinics (also their first time to mole)
MY MOMMA – Also her first time to the Mole
Savannah CC – An amazing church group
6 PA Students – Who will be participating in our medical clinic

I know that this upcoming week is going to be super intense. Please pray for lives to be changed both spiritually and physically.

I cannot wait to see the fruits of this week. We have plans for:

1) Daily medical clinics
2) 3 Vacation Bible Schools
3) Sports camp
4) Water Project – Providing pipes so the mud village won’t have to walk miles for water
5) Repairing rough roads

Have I mentioned how much I love it here?? 🙂

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