First Women’s Bible Study In The Mole…

I can barely contain myself! Today was our first official Women’s Bible Study Meeting. Last week was the women’s conference which was our kick-off. However – I honestly wasn’t expecting but around 30 people to show up today! It was to start at 4pm. I have been on IV’s all weekend. Just got off of them yesterday. I contemplated not even going today. It was raining outside and I was totally zapped of all my energy.

I knew that we’d be starting late –  so I didn’t leave our house till 4pm. Malonea was waiting for me! Imagine my surprise when I turn around the corner and – it was STANDING ROOM ONLY!! Over 200 women were crammed into our little church – ready to study His Word! We even had 3 ladies from the fishing village which is a 3 hour walk! With tears in my eyes I told the women we weren’t giving out peanut butter today! LOL! They laughed and said no – we are here  – TO LEARN FROM YOU! I am so humbled – so very, very humbled!

We prayed with each other and talked about what we want our group to stand for. There are so many things that  – we  – Christians – stand against! I want a group that focuses on what we actually stand for! It was a wonderful time of fellowship. We laughed! We joked! We even cried when we talked about how hard life can be at any given moment.

I ended our devotion time talking about what it means to be the personal assistant to the Holy Spirit. I have shared that devotional thought with many of the Americans but have never shared it with the Haitians. One lady stood up and said there are days she has no reason to get up. She has no money – no food to feed her children. But knowing she has the Holy Spirit living inside of her – and she’s to be His assistant – now she has a reason to get up. She said she has to make sure she is doing everything He wants her to do each day. Hallelujah!

And to think I almost didn’t go today…….Satan, Ou pedi Batay!

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  1. Mesi Jezi!!! Don’t you love it when, like you said…”i almost didn’t go today” and then you see the outpouring. Be filled my sister and I come into agreement with.
    “satan, OU PEDI BATAY!!!” In Jesus Name…We Press On!!!
    So thankful you are feeling better.

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