It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

What an adventure! It normally is every time we fly to the states. I was so grateful for two additional adults – Magdala and Miss Beth! Not sure how we would have made it through the 18 hour day without them! But we are home and ready for the missionary convention – AND –  Christmas!

I woke up this morning feeling incredibly blessed! My entire family is here! Even little Gigi! We got to bring Magdala (St. Louis du Nord’s Campus Manager) to the states for the first time. She’s a lifelong friend of mine! She was such the little tourist! She must have taken 25 pictures of the airport! (I’ll post some tomorrow).

My parents drove two vans for over an hour to pick us up in Louisville!  What a welcome! The kids were running to them in the airport. Even though it was so late at night – all of them were chasing their nana around the baggage claim area.

We pulled into our house and what did we see? The carpets/kitchen floor CLEAN! A beautiful 9ft Christmas tree lit up! There were games under the tree for the kids and candy canes hanging on it. A beautiful oak table in our kitchen! There was my favorite candy on my bed!

I told Jose we would need some milk for the babies. We opened the fridge and it was full of food including 2 gallons of milk!! Our food pantry full with cereal, snacks, chips, cookies, bread, grapes, oranges, apples, and drinks!


After a long day of travel the  kids really enjoyed the freedom of today! The babies were running all over the house! The girls were playing with their barbie dolls! Gabriel was playing with the new games! Gigi has been playing with a light-up turtle nearly all evening! Sweet little spirits in this place!

I look around right now and I can’t help but see – 7 beautiful children, a husband that can’t be beat , a fridge full of food, a nice comfy bed, a tub full of “hot” water (no bucket baths) and a beautiful, clean home (for now)!

Just so crazy happy right now!! Love, Love, Love – this time of year! 🙂

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