Prayers for Janide…

Since we got here in December –  we’ve been praying for Janide. She’s a member of our Dorcus group. For the longest time I thought she was pregnant. Come to find out – it’s a fibroid.

I felt a little like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman today. I had my little medical bag and visited 3 different homes with sick women. When I got to Bible Study I noticed Janide wasn’t there. So I went to her house as well. She is in so much pain she cannot stand up anymore. It hurts her to use the bathroom. It hurts her to move at all. She has 3 young children.

I already have an appointment for her to see the surgical team that comes to St. Louis on January 23rd. However – I’m not sure she’ll make it till then. It’s a very sad situation. We had a special prayer service for her today after our Bible Study.

I don’t want to embarrass her an attach a picture of her face. However – this is her stomach right now. AGAIN – SHE IS NOT PREGNANT. Please keep her in your prayers.

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