Remembering Haiti A Year Ago….

I dug through my past blogs from January 2010. Reading through them I found myself in tears. I remember that feeling of not knowing if Jose was okay in Port-au-Prince. I remember grieving with my nanny who was told her husband and children perished. I remember the constant roller coaster of emotions as people began to hear if their loved ones survived.

It may have been a year ago but the emotions are still very raw and very real.

We must continue to hold Haiti and it’s people close to our heart – especially as we all remember those tragic events just one year ago….

What This Earthquake Really Means…..

January 12, 2010



I was sitting here in my bed – while Melissa was trying to find a vein for an IV. No success. Yesterday I was diagnosed with Dengue Fever. It took 5 times to stick me. Finally we got  it. AND –  As soon as we felt the rumble of the quake I jumped up so fast that the IV was ripped out. With a 104 temperature – and spending hours without hearing from Jose – I can’t even begin to tell you what that felt like.

I gave an interview on the Weather Channel tonight and reported what Jose saw. Someone saw that interview and called the mission. I answered the call. The lady told me – My name is Edgar and my best friend is trapped in her home in Petionville. She is an American. Her cellphone is about to die. She called to say good-bye to her friend. Edgar begged  – “Please – save my friend”. We cried together on the phone. Can you imagine being buried alive? I yelled for Jacques and he came and talked to the lady on the phone. We know exactly of her location. In fact we have staff that lives nearby. We haven’t heard from our PAP staff and her house is where the big hospital collapsed. We are trying to call the Baptist Mission and our friends in the area – but there is simply no phone service. It rests in God’s hand but tonight we will do our best to call every 5 minutes in hopes that we can reach someone. Jacques called this lady’s cell phone (she has an american phone with ATT) and she cried on the phone to him  – “please save me”. I think her phone must have died then because when we called back there was nothing.

Please pray because this is just one of many people who are trapped and will not make it out of the rubble.

Jose said the streets would remind you of 9/11. No trucks can pass by. Rubble is everywhere. The smoke from the concrete covers the air and you can barely breathe in some areas. With darkness comes fear and in a land dedicated to Satan – I’m sure few have the hope of the Lord. They don’t have anything tonight to cling onto – to help them get through this. Women were looking for their children and everyone had cuts and sores. Jose said one guy was hollering out in pain – laying on the street as he lost his leg when his home fell.

The thing is – this is just the beginning. As we find out more reports from PAP – and morning sets in – we will finally see the battlefield. The reaction to this no doubt will be devastating. While our area has just small cracks and the Catholic church has blocks that fell below – our village will suffer none the less. Next comes the lack of vehicles bringing food and diesel. Next comes the outrageous prices for what small food is still available. While we might have only felt the tremors – we will feel the aftershocks for sure. How in the world will these Haitians survive?

I have had different Haitians coming to me tonight wanting to watch the TV reports – weeping. While I was so incredibly blessed to hear from Jose – I know what that fear did to me for those few hours. They still carry that fear in their hearts. I pray for peace for them although none of us will sleep tonight I’m sure.

I have all the kids tucked into my room. Just want to be close to them tonight. This is a time when all families have to unite. We simply can’t impact Haiti without it.

News About Jose….

January 13, 2010



I heard from a truck driver who was with Jose earlier today. Jose’s phone still doesn’t work but as the driver went home his phone started to work and he called Wisley at 4:30 and I didn’t see Wisley until now – 10pm.  Lord – why do I doubt you? Do you not ALWAYS protect my family? Have you not proven that to me time and time and time and time again?

He is helping with relief work – – of course he is. I’m sure his heart couldn’t leave the people suffering.

On other news – the two orphan boys came back with a tragic story. The quake started and they ran out of the house as it fell and killed everyone in it. They ran to another house that had their friends and only one person came out – Exalus who often helps with groups. No one else. Immediately a school full of little children fell and everyone died inside. We could barely understand their story through the sobbing. I had to ask 3 different times to really understand and I honestly may still be missing something.  Melonnie led a praise and worship session with Americans and Haitians tonight. She said that there weren’t any dry tears. Everyone is mourning as news continues to filter in.

Why tell you that – because I’m trying to make this real – not just something you see on the news. This isn’t some distant land – this is my home. The terror in their eyes is something I will never forget and I want you to picture what that looks like. They have had nightmares all day long. They told me they will never be the same. They were shaken and scared and in shock. How many others are that way – those that did survive and will never forget what they saw?  How could it not change the life of every single person there? Lord Have Mercy On Haiti…

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