I have to say – when we first moved here we rarely heard the voodoo drums beat at night. Shortly after our arrival – and after we started having groups come and serve here – their presence became more evident. There was a large voodoo service that went on for 4 days next door to us back in October. At that time our steps were cursed and animals were sacrificed in the street – no less than 10 feet in front of our home.

However – since we’ve come back in December – the drums seem to beat every few days. Tonight there is a large service happening again a few houses down our street.

One of the reasons the mission chose Mole St Nicholas as a new mission hub was because we wanted to go as far northwest as possible to reach the lost. We are constantly finding villages that do not have a relationship with Christ. We are reminded constantly of our purpose for being in Haiti – to be Ambassadors for Christ.

Tonight I ask you to take a break from the NBC TV line-up and pray for the hearts of those in the Mole who are blinded to the Truth. To pray that God would reveal Himself in a major way. That they would understand that Greater is He who is in us  – than he that is in the world.

My heart shatters for them as their drums beat……if only they knew Him.

3 responses to “Voodoo In The Mole…”

  1. I am praying for them, and for your work to be effective in their lives. Even a Christian witness can help those in unbelief. God bless you at your life’s work.

  2. I hear your plea. My heart breaks for them too. Thanks for the guidance in knowing what prayers to lift. I also pray that God guards and protects all the hearts and minds there of Christians against satan and his followers who would try to intimidate and cause you doubt and fear. Loving and lifting you, CJ

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