Malaya and Rosie’s Birthday Party…

When I was a little girl I remember my momma throwing me these elaborately decorated themed parties! I remember having a My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, and Rainbow Brite party down in the church basement. We didn’t have a lot of money  – but my mom made sure that my birthday was special.

I feel honored that I get to pass on those special traditions to my children. With 7 kids – it’s hard to give them all a big birthday every year. So they alternate every other year! This year Malaya and Rosie get to have a big birthday!

Rosie turned 7 on January 8th and Malaya turned 6 on January 20th! Tonight we celebrated them both! It was SO MUCH FUN! We invited their cousin- Nene, Nana, and 6 other little girls from the church.

When the girls arrived we did their nails, make-up, and  jewelry!  They spent a good 15 minutes dancing! I have a video clip below! Then it was time for games (walking with a spoon in your mouth with a marshmallow on it & guessing which cup has the candy)!

The girls then watched a Barbie movie while they ate hotdogs and chips! Then it was time for a craft! Followed by another game of pinning the glasses on the Barbie. They LOVED the Pinata!  Mme Selony made a Haitian cake – it was delicious!  Then after the little girls left  – we opened presents! It was a 2-hour power packed party!

Here are some pictures!

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  1. The party looked so fun! It looks like everyone had an amazing time! Happy Birthday Malaya and Rosie

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