On Friday my dad went into the hospital for a heart catheter. We were expecting they might find something small that a stent would take care of. Instead they found 12 blockages. 11 of them were 90% and one was 70%.

I think the initial shock certainly took a major toll on our family. Jose and I were planning to leave Friday to head to Grant’s wedding in Kansas City. Instead we spent hours hearing dad tell us how he wants his funeral and to make sure we take care of mom.

Since then he has been resting and waiting. We have spent much time in prayer together. It’s been over a year since the entire family has been together. It’s times like these that really bring us all closer.

He will be having quadruple bypass surgery tomorrow morning at 6am. They said he will then be in the ICU for 48 hours and then moved into a regular room for a few days after that.

Please keep him in your prayers as he faces this serious surgery tomorrow and the long recovery that follows. I’m not quite ready to say good-bye….



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  1. I will pray even more so than ever. Your dad and mom are special to us. They came to Tommy’s funeral after he was killed in Iraq and gave us a special tribute in one of Larry’s workshops at the National Missionary Convention ’05. We have the beautiful music box they sent us that we cherish with Tommy’s picture on it. Just tell him that I know that God isn’t through with him here on earth. I pray God’s comfort and strength at this time..

  2. What is your father’s first name? I would like to pray for him by name! You can count on prayers from Cincinnati!

  3. I understand your last comment totally. I know God has a special place in His heart for the Owens/Castillo families and will act to what is His good and perfect will. I pray that it be to have your father with you for more years. Praying …

  4. Jody –
    I have been praying already. Praying for the tests when he got them and now this. I am sure you are all still at the hospital. I love your parents!

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