Update on My Dad – Larry Owen

This morning at 4am I spent an hour listening to dad talk about the Power of Jesus. Here we are two hours before the biggest surgery of his life – and He’s as calm as he can be.

His surgery couldn’t have gone better. They took veins from his leg and was successfully able to do the quadruple bypass surgery. He will be in the ICU for 24-48 hours. Then in a regular room for 3-4 days.

He was on a ventilator until about 4pm. He is in a lot of pain but he looks so good considering! He still has a bunch of tubes and wires hooked up to him but he is talking to us and still has his sense of humor.

We want to thank everyone for their emails, calls, texts, and prayers. All us kids have talked about the undeniable presence of the Lord. It has been peaceful all day. We each found this inner strength that kept us all from falling apart. Even dad woke up this morning with the most peace he’s had since finding out.

He still has a long recovery before him – but today we claimed VICTORY!

I’m blown away by his unfailing faith. He taught me more about courage and assurance in Christ this weekend….. then I’ve learned my whole life.

3 responses to “Update on My Dad – Larry Owen”

  1. Tell Dad to hang in there. I am praying for him as I am my father who had a mini stroke last night, but is doing well. He also will be hospitalized for 3-4 days. God is good and will take care of them both. He has plans for them and we all just need to continue to keep the faith and pray. Tell Mom our prayers are with you all.

    JJ and Bevan

  2. So happy that the many prayers were answered & hope that Larry continues to do well in recovery toward a full and complete healing from this surgery. God is good to give such wisdom to those who do this work.

  3. PTL,,,,Give him our Love…we love him and the family he’s raised…..Kingdom Warriors all…

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