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My dad has now moved to a regular room at St. Joseph Hospital!! PRAISE THE LORD!! We hope he will be discharged on Friday! He got rid of his chest tube today! I know he’s so sore but he really does look good! He has been having some panic attacks but overall he’s doing very well. It’s just a long recovery ahead – especially for a man who can’t sit still.

My dad is very old-school. Since I can remember – every year at Christmas he has taped up his Christmas Cards on his wall. He told me every Christmas he gets less and less – especially since everything is now online. I want to show daddy we all love him and appreciate all he has done for us and the people of Haiti! I want so many cards there isn’t enough wall space to hang them! (He loves it when kids draw him pictures too).

If my dad has touched your life or if you just want to touch his – please send a get-well card to:

Larry Owen
799 Marcella St
Versailles, KY 40383

2 responses to “Get Well Cards…”

  1. Done. will send a card…thanks for the address update. glad to see it’s the same.
    Praise the Lord for his fast response…

  2. We did that today & hope the card shower he will receive bathes him in blessings, prayers & best wishes. Also, that your mom is uplifted by them too. They are special people to me & I hope we get to see them both again someday. Thank you for sending us the info so we could write to him.

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