By Lillian Wolff

Have you ever been stuck?  Here in Kansas City it is easy to get stuck in snow or on ice.  I have done that several times.  But there is nothing quite as bad as being stuck in Virginia red clay soil.  When as a child we went to visit my grandparents in a rural part of the state, we had to go on rough roads that weren’t paved.    Sometimes the old Ford Model A would get stuck in a rut of red clay.  Actually a rut is a small trench, previously dug out in the road by many other car tracks.  The red clay sticks to the wheels. It is miry, muddy and slimy.  And no matter how much the engine is revved up the car won’t budge out of the rut of red clay

The next resort was to get out and push.  Sometimes it takes quite a bit of pushing to get out of the rut.  As the wheels spin, the mess splatters out and covers much of the clothing of those who are trying to get the vehicle out. After some considerable pushing and pulling, the old car finally gives a heave and out of the rut it comes!  I am sure that conditions are not like that today.  The secret is that once out, proceed by staying above the rut and make your own tracks.

Have you ever found yourself in a rut?  I have found myself in a few.  Sometimes it may be at school, at work, and even  at church.  Yes, I did say church.  It is just real easy to get in a spiritual rut.  You are stalled in one place, not going forward or backward.  Just sort of in limbo. The Christian life should be one of progress, and we need to move forward in the Lord.  Have you seen a lot of Christians who are in the same spiritual condition as they were forty years ago?  They are living back in the past and expecting things to be as they were back then.  In fact, some of them are not in as good a shape as they were years ago!  They are saved, sanctified, baptized and STUCK!

Being a Christian is a lot like riding a bicycle.  The moment you quit pedaling, it stops its progress and sometimes one even falls.  God wants us to progress, not fall backwards or retreat.  We don’t have to stay in a rut. We can tune up our spiritual engine through reading God’s Word, prayer, and especially by taking time to worship God personally.

There is the possibility that being in church or in a fellowship group could help to give you that needed inspiration to get going again!  It is so easy to get messy and dirty in the rut.  Don’t stay there long!!  Get out, and if you can’t get out on your own, then let someone help pull or even push you out.  Don’t be ashamed to ask for help! Just cry out, “Help, help, I’m stuck in a rut”; somebody help me”!  Someone, somewhere, and especially someone in heaven, will hear your cry and will come to your rescue!




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  1. You are very right about how it feels to be in a rut, a rut of any kind. Not too nice. Lately I have been feeling better & gaining strength in that area. Our church is working to develop a deeper, more personal prayer relationship with our members & the Lord. So far we have held 2 prayer vigils where the space in the sanctuary is changed a little bit. With a few candles, some non-descript music, like a kind of “white noise” to block outside noises, along with few decorative items & just a peaceful Presence to give a calm place to connect with Him. Many have said how it changed their attitude, lifted their spirits & gave them a new feeling of closeness that they had never felt before. It was brand new for some, but now is highly welcomed & already more are planned. It has given us a new perspective on prayer. When or where are we that we DON’T need it. I am so thankful for that special kinship & am working on it to grow even more as we prepare for Easter. May yours be blessed also & that your dad is recovering well. Bless you all.

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