Along For The Ride…

Sitting outside today I feel the coolness of the gentle breeze. The clouds cover where the sun once was and the voices of little children overtake the airways. It’s the first time I’ve been able to sit all by myself and reflect on the past few months. It’s the first time I’ve been able to simply catch my breath. Slowly and deeply I take in the air all around me.

Between dad’s unexpected surgery, my anemia and blood issues, packing up our rental house, some unexpected personal frustrations, and trying to book hundreds of summer tickets  – I’m simply exhausted.

I feel like I’ve been living on the bus that goes to Port-de-Paix. It’s a 90-mile ride that can last anywhere from 5 hours to 12 hours! The thing about the bus is that it goes full-speed ahead not caring that it’s bouncing you all over the place. There are all these amazing things happening outside the bus windows – the most beautiful scenery and people. BUT you never get to take in God’s amazing creations because you’re too busy holding on and complaining how sore you are.

Sitting outside today I couldn’t help but think about the bouncy road I’ve been traveling. My body is really sore. My spirit is really tired. My heart has been very “blah”. Life has come full-speed ahead not caring where it threw me.

Yet with every blow thrown – I feel the Angels.  They are armed with feather-down pillows!  They are there before the bounce and they create the softest landing-place! During the most stressful times – they blanket my family with feathers of comfort. They rain down favor each and every day. They show up every morning shielding us from attacks that we never knew existed.

Yes my body is sore — BUT –  today I got to look outside the window! WOW is it gorgeous out there! The beauty of my surroundings brought tears to my eyes. The news of several baptisms today – some from the impoverished fishing villages hours away – brought me down to my knees. How Great Is Our God!

Out of the corner of my eye – I can see the twins playing ball with our neighbor’s little boy. I can hear the girls playing “airport” – checking-in groups going to Haiti! Gigi is laughing so loud it can be heard from blocks away! Gabriel is sound asleep which is probably why all the other kids are laughing and playing so well!!  🙂

Thank you Jesus – for sending Angels along for the ride – each and every day.

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