Mission Stories

Traveling Back Home…

We just wanted to ask you to pray for our family over the next few days! I know the power of prayer and we definitely need it! We hope to be in the Mole by 11am on Wednesday! There is definitely no place like home – even though it’s quite the adventure getting there!

Please pray for smooth traveling – that none of us will have a bad day – that none of us will be sick – and that we all will safely make it home!

Thanks in advance to all you prayer warriors out there! We simply could NOT do it without you!

14 bags + 6 carry-ons + 6 kids (2 babies in backpacks) + 4 planes over 2 days = tons of fun! (sarcasm)


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  1. Praying it up for safe and uneventful travel back home and lots of “God” moments. And once home, to find things well and secure in God’s care.

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