Trust, Surrender, Believe and Receive.

Those are the four words a dear friend of mine just emailed me….. I know that’s Jesus talking to me today.

As many of you know –  yesterday Jose and I went to Port-au-Prince to renew Gigi’s, Mikela’s, and Rosie’s visas. We have NEVER had a problem in the 8 years that the girls have been apart of our lives. So we were totally shocked today when we were told that the girls are missing a new important paper.

Since the earthquake child-trafficking has sky-rocketed in Haiti. Many Americans “in the name of Jesus” have been falsifying documents and doing unspeakable things with these children once they get them out of Haiti. So there is now a new law that requires you to have a very specific paper “parent’s authorization” from the Haitian Social Services. There are many documents you must present and the parent’s must be present in PAP to sign the forms.

The lady at the embassy was more than understanding and told me there would be absolutely no reason not to give our children their visas – except for the fact that this new law requires that paper from the Haitian Social Services. As soon as I get the paper – the girls will get their visas. I don’t have to make a new appointment – I can just show up anytime with the paper and get their visas.

I totally understand. If doing the extra work means that we can save children from horrible predators – I have to totally be on board with that. Their visas don’t expire until the end of July. So we could still leave as planned and get the paperwork when we return.

I didn’t think a lot about it UNTIL they took out their black marker and wrote CANCEL on their current visas. I’ve had the girls since they were babies – I have always had a visa for them. No matter what was happening in this country – on any day of the week my “ENTIRE” family could fly out if needed. This is the first time that my daughters cannot leave the country.

I left the embassy feeling completely deflated. Completely defeated. The problem with the paper is it can take months to get all the documents you need in order to get the “official paper”. Rosie’s parents are dead and Mikela’s tried to sell her. So getting the “parent’s authorization” isn’t quite so easy for those two. I know the girls are mine no matter what any paper says – but today I felt like someone just came into my home and ripped them out of my arms.  I can barely process it.

We have tickets already purchased for July 11th – 1 month from now. With Asher’s heat-sensitive seizures it’s important that he’s not here during the hottest times of the year. There is no way we are leaving our Haitian daughters here. So what does that mean? It means the family will be divided in two countries.

I am sure that this whole process is somehow apart of God’s plan. I am “trusting” that there is a purpose in all of this. I am “surrendering” all I have to Him. I am “believing” that He will work a miracle and I know that Mikela, Rosie, and Gigi will “receive” it.

Please pray along with us…..

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