Update On Rosie…

Yesterday we officially got Rosie’s results. We were hoping for a miracle but the preliminary results stayed true. Some of the basics we learned:

1) Rosie rates in the 1st percentile on the learning curve. Normal would be the 50th percentile.

2) Rosie will probably never get past a 5th grade level and it will more than likely take her 10 years to get there.

3) She has significant brain damage not just on the right side of her brain but scattered through-out. It’s like all the parts are there but many of the connection wires are missing. So her brain struggles to communicate within itself.

4) Right now only those of us who really know her can tell that she’s slower than her sisters. As she gets old the gap will get bigger and eventually Gabriel and the twins will pass her.

5) They tested her IQ on many different levels and subjects. Normal rating would be 10. All her scores were in the 2’s and 3’s.

6) If we were in the states he would suggest homeschooling her! So we already have the best situation possible for her since Beth teaches our kids. He gave us a list of things for Miss Beth to do in order to create the best learning environment for her.

7) Rosie’s emotions are also effected. This is why she has attachment issues and is super sensitive and cries easily. He gave us some guidelines to help deal with that as well.

He told us that he’s never seen a child with this much delay still have their memory intact. That alone is amazing. While the seizures can cause her to be distracted some – she actually can sit still for long periods of time. Both of those things pleasantly surprised him and was very positive.

He told us she’s one of the sweetest little girls he’s ever met and not to give up on her!  We just need to remember that slow and steady is the way to go.

I have truly appreciated your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. I know God’s in control and He’ll see her through!

2 responses to “Update On Rosie…”

  1. Special Need Kids are very special! They show us love in many different ways. My son, Jacob probably would have done better once he hit puberty if we would have home schooled him, but yet he wanted to be like other kids and be with them. Jacob never got past a 5-6th grade level for reading. Reasoning was very difficult for him. With the autopsy, we found that Jacob had more extensive brain damage than we knew. Rosie will do alright because she has God with her and you and Jose as parents. Just love her and guide her. Shower her with God’s love.

    Love in Christ,

    Diana Lotz

  2. I agree with Diana. Special needs kids are special. My daughter has dedicated her life to special needs kids and its rewarding. They teach us so many things. God will always be their for her and the family. He will show the kids the special care they will need to have for her. Everything will be fine. He chose two great people to care for her. Believe me he knew what he was doing. I am always here for your guys if you ever need me. Our prayers and love are with you everyday.

    Joyce and Bevan

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