Our Fantastical Fun Friday Extravaganza!


Mom and dad came down on Tuesday! It’s the first time my dad has been here since we moved! It was so much fun showing them my ministry and sharing my dreams! The staff – both from St. Louis and from the Mole –  were  SO excited to see them! Dad will preach on Sunday before they head back on Monday.

This morning we had a special program put on by Gabe & the girls! Miss Beth has been working with the kids over the last few weeks so they could perform for Papaw and Nana! The program was 25 minutes  – full of pledges, scriptures, and songs! Below is a very small snap-shot of the program!

After the kids put on their program – Papaw, Nana, Momma Gigi, Mme Nene, Jocelyn, Pierre, & Kenson also performed! TOO FUNNY!

This afternoon we ALL carved pumpkins! Miss Beth’s pumpkin is the big one on the left side and Jocelyn/Pierre’s is the big one on the right side of the picture. Then Gabe, Mikela, Rosie, & Malaya carved the little ones!  On Sunday we’re having our first Pumpkin Party!  20 kids will have a fun-filled afternoon – with games, crafts, candy, face painting, dinner & a movie! We started decorating today and will add the final touches on Sunday! All week the kids have been talking about the party! I love that we are able to provide a little something special for so many precious children!

4 responses to “Our Fantastical Fun Friday Extravaganza!”

  1. Jodi,
    Your videos brought a smile to my face. Its good to see that you got to spend quality time with your family and what an awesome family at that! I’ve been following your blogs since getting back to Kansas City. I miss the Mole and have to check on you guys everyday. Has Jose got the John Deere running yet?

    God bless,
    Jason TYler
    Pleasant Valley Baptist

  2. This video brought laughter to my heart. My children enjoyed it too! Thank you for sharing. I loved that Pierre, Jocelyn, Kenson, and the other staff joined in on the fun. Like Jason, I check on you all daily!

  3. We miss you guys! The gator didn’t get fixed until last week! But it works well now!! Hopefully we will have our new utility vehicle by the beginning of the year. The gator is on its last leg!

    The kids say hello! We plan to head your way sometime next year so we can see everyone!

  4. Loved the video’s. Seeing the Kids along with the staff was so awesome. They did a great job. Give everyone our love and we miss you all so much.

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