Month: November 2011

SO Thankful…Day 30

It’s the last day of the month! November has flown by! We had an incredible time in Haiti with the Maple Ave Team at the beginning of the month and Jose’s family here at the end!  We’ve got so much planned through the month of December – it’s […]

SO Thankful…Day 29

Whenever we visit the states it always takes a few nights to remember that we’re not in Haiti anymore! One night while we were sleeping Jose accidentally unplugged the fan. My first thought was – OH NO – the solar batteries have died!!  Then I realized we’re not […]

SO Thankful…Day 28

We left NYC Saturday at 2:30pm and pulled into my parent’s house in KY around 4:30am. It was a LONG but smooth drive! We had to make several stops along the way  – but that’s to be expected with our party of 9! Around midnight the kids had […]

SO Thankful…Day 27

When God called us to the Mole we knew we needed “back-up”! We needed a crew of people that would not only see this move as an adventure but as a huge ministry opportunity. I needed to find Haitians that would be willing to be missionaries along with […]

SO Thankful…Day 26

Over the past few days I’ve laughed and smiled so much that my face hurts! When you’re surrounded by suffering and pain in Haiti – you often feel guilty if you’re really happy. You know what I mean? How can I smile and chuckle when the people I […]

SO Thankful…Day 25

My family has been in the ministry since I was a baby. Well actually before that. My parents were in local ministries long before they went to Haiti. My mom was pregnant with me the first time they went to Haiti and so ministry in one way or […]

SO Thankful…Day 24

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is finally here! This has always been one of my favorite holidays! Before moving to Haiti –  all the family and our spouses would gather together at my parents’  house. Lori and momma would spend all day cooking on Wednesday! I would wake up […]

SO Thankful…Day 23

As December is now approaching I can’t help but reflect over the last year. I’ve been thinking about the challenges we’ve faced this year. Here are just a few… We started 2011 with $1000/month loss as long-time supporters fell on hard times. I spent 8 days in Miami […]

SO Thankful…Day 22

It’s a rare occasion for me to be up early enough to catch a sunrise – but a few days ago Momma Gigi and I were sitting outside together! I was surprised to find her there on the porch. She told me that every morning she tries to […]

SO Thankful…Day 21

I’m not much of a morning person! No surprise there for anyone who knows me! I’m definitely a night owl! I tend to get the majority of my “travel” work done late at night! My nights tend to close down after 2am. When I was pregnant with the […]