SO Thankful…Day 21

I’m not much of a morning person! No surprise there for anyone who knows me! I’m definitely a night owl! I tend to get the majority of my “travel” work done late at night! My nights tend to close down after 2am. When I was pregnant with the twins I rarely slept. I was either in the hospital or floating in my parent’s hot-tub (heat turned off).

Throughout the course of the pregnancy I developed Chronic Insomnia. If I don’t take my medicine to help me sleep  – I can easily go 50 hours straight. I used to look at that as a curse! There’s nothing more frustrating than needing sleep –  tossing and turning all night long – and staring at the clock. Ugh!

My days normally have enough activity (for sure enough noise)  that finding quiet time with God is hard. So I’ve started embracing the night! I have been reading a lot of books and gathering my material for my weekly Staff Devotions & Haitian Women’s Bible Study. I find without the night – I can’t really get away by myself. What started off as a handicap has really been an instrument for personal growth!

My dad gets up every morning at 4am for prayer time. He’s been doing this for the last 4 years. I know this is true because when I’m in the states we stay with my parents. When I was pregnant I would float in their hot-tub which is right outside of dad’s office  – which is a glass patio. I would see dad walk through the door EVERY SINGLE morning. He would slide open the glass window and ask how I was doing out back. Many times I was back there crying – – I wouldn’t wish a twin pregnancy on my worst enemy! Dad would share with me a devotional or try to give me an encouraging word. I really looked forward to that 4am fellowship and have really missed it since.

I always thought my dad was crazy for getting up so early to have alone time with God. But just like anything else – if you don’t schedule it – it often doesn’t happen.

So today I’m thankful that I have scheduled “growth” time every night!

That God can use my weakness for His glory!

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