SO Thankful…Day 20

We spent all day on Friday driving from KY to NY to visit Jose’s family. On the drive here there were at least 4 major accidents. I saw cars overturned and a tractor-trailer on its side. At one accident I saw what appeared to be a body with a sheet over it.

I have personally been in about 10 car wrecks. Most of them were with my sister! One of the worst crashes we had was near Indy. We had gone to an outlet shopping center and there was construction. As we were exiting off the ramp onto the highway- another car decided to get in our lane and STOP his car completely. He didn’t realize that he was stopping on an active lane. We slammed into a parked car on the highway going about 60 miles per hour. I had trouble walking after that. My knees went into the dashboard. I had several months of therapy and a brace.

When I was in college I totaled three cars my freshman year. Now you might hear that and think I’m a horrible driver. But all THREE accidents were actually not my fault. Each time my car was hit in the exact same spot. The left front tire – breaking the axle. A few more inches and the cars would have hit my driver’s door. I was driving on the street and cars were trying to quickly go from one side to the next and somehow never saw me and slammed right into my car. Outside of bruises from the airbag and a sprained wrist – I was okay.

It’s been almost 11 years now since I’ve had an accident. My children have never experienced one. There’s rarely a day that goes by where I don’t see some sort of accident – minor or major. I count it a huge blessing that we haven’t experienced one as a family.


People often think that Haiti isn’t safe. Really? When I listen to the news in the states – that is terrifying! USA has far more crime than Haiti ever had. I may be afraid of bugs and rats – but I’ve never really been fearful here in Haiti. Even when Haiti has it’s protests and coos – God has just given me a peace. He has always protected our family. He has given me the ability to really rise and lead during a crisis.

In all of our years of living in Haiti – my family has never had a robbery. We’ve never had any sort of confrontation that would give cause for concern. We’ve never been attacked or harassed (outside of the every day voodoo curse). My children are not afraid here. We walk the streets in the late afternoon and everyone smiles and waves!

So today I am thankful for His hedge of protection!

That we’ve never had any serious injuries or harmful confrontations!

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