Month: November 2011

SO Thankful…Day 20

We spent all day on Friday driving from KY to NY to visit Jose’s family. On the drive here there were at least 4 major accidents. I saw cars overturned and a tractor-trailer on its side. At one accident I saw what appeared to be a body with […]

SO Thankful…Day 19

I am someone who is always thinking. My mind is constantly processing things and coming up with ideas. Not all my ideas are good ideas. For that matter not all my thinking is good thinking either!! LOL! Sometimes it’s hard to know what thoughts are mine and what […]

SO Thankful…Day 18

Since I can remember Christmas time at our house has always been super special! I love all the traditions my parents created! All the kids would bake sugar cookies with momma. Daddy would give us each a little money and drive us to a special place to shop […]

SO Thankful…Day 17

God has blessed me with so many people in my life! Whether they’re Haitian or American – God has used many friends to reach me, encourage me, and set examples for me. One of my closest friends is Momma Gigi. She is Gigi’s biological mom. When Gigi moved […]

SO Thankful…Day 15

I’ve spent the majority of my life in Haiti yet when I moved to the Mole I don’t think I really had any idea what street ministry was about. I’ve always known how to do it – I just never stopped to really think about the people we’re […]

SO Thankful…Day 16

When my children were born I couldn’t get over how beautiful they were. They had such little feet and tiny hands! I loved to put my finger in their little hand.  There is nothing better than filling their fingers squeeze mine. I loved to kiss on those little […]

SO Thankful…Day 14

Short-term trippers often ask me if their presence here really matters? The needs seem so big and it’s easy to get discouraged. It’s hard sometimes to see the big picture – or even notice the small changes when you’re here for such a short trip. What teams don’t […]

SO Thankful…Day 13

Ups and downs are simply apart of life. In one way or another we all face problems and trials that bring us to our knees. We face things that threaten our “Hope”. After living in Haiti for a few years – my dad made me responsible for all […]

SO Thankful…Day 12

Anyone who has been to Haiti knows how incredibly kind the Haitians are. It doesn’t matter whether they know you or not. When you walk down the street you are greeted with a smile and a wave! It doesn’t matter if they’re in a deep conversation  – when […]

SO Thankful…Day 11

As most of you know – Haiti is pretty warm all year round! Wednesday we were having our weekly staff meeting. As I was preparing I couldn’t help but notice the heat. There wasn’t a breeze to be found! The sun was beating on the tarp above and […]