Month: November 2011

A Call to Act – Not Her Day Blog

I want to thank EVERYONE for reposting and sharing the Not Her Day Blog! We have received several donations that has allowed us to feed many hungry families! Tuesday we purchased enough rice to feed 1340 people! Praise the Lord! We encourage you to continue to share the story, give, […]

SO Thankful…Day 10

I was 9 years old the first time I held a baby that died in my arms. She had severe wet malnutrition. Her entire body was not only swollen but popping and breaking open. We wrapped her precious little body in bandages trying to keep her sores from […]

SO Thankful…Day 9

I realize that all of us have different views about healthcare in the United States. But let me tell you about healthcare here in Haiti. Let’s say your child has fallen and broken his arm. You go to the local hospital. Do you have money to pay for […]

SO Thankful…Day 8

It’s hard to imagine what our world would be like without technology. I know some of us think technology is the devil! HA! But believe it or not – technology can also be used to bring God glory!! Years and years ago – the mission didn’t have a […]

SO Thankful…Day 7

Jose and I knew we were going to raise our children in Haiti. There was no doubt in our mind. When the children were younger we didn’t think too much about how we were going to pull that off. We just knew that this is what God had […]

SO Thankful…Day 6

A few weeks ago I shared the blog – Not Her Day. It was about a mother who had 4 children. She couldn’t feed them every day – she simply didn’t have the means to do it. So each day she watched two of her children eat a […]

SO Thankful…Day 5

I think all of us go through seasons of goodness and rebellion – in one way or another. There are seasons where we open our hearts and minds to what Jesus wants for us – and there are seasons where we lose our way. It could be as […]

SO Thankful…Day 4

Ever just walk to your fridge and pull out a cold drink and pour you a glass? Ever just walk to your faucet (of course with your fancy Brita filter) and get a glass of water? Ever just walk to your freezer and get a couple of ice […]

SO Thankful…Day 3

A lot of who we are has to do with where we came from….. I had the most amazing childhood!  My mom would stop at nothing to give us children everything. She not only made EVERY Holiday as special as ever –but she made sure we understood that […]

SO Thankful… Day 2

So believe it or not – some people think I can be quite the handful! You’re reading this in disbelief right? I know! Hard to imagine! So when God gave me a husband – He had to find someone that could handle me!! LOL! AND He did good! […]