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I want to thank EVERYONE for reposting and sharing the Not Her Day Blog! We have received several donations that has allowed us to feed many hungry families! Tuesday we purchased enough rice to feed 1340 people! Praise the Lord! We encourage you to continue to share the story, give, and collect supplies.

I wanted to share what Tom Snivley with GFS did in response to the Not Her Day Blog:

Upon reading your blog about Michelet and what you experienced at the clinic w/ her being hungry and crying my heart went out to this little one and others having to deal with hunger.  I could not imagine telling my little children (not so little any more) they could not eat today…….only Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week.

My heart cried out and I shared this need with Kirk Zell, General Manager of Gordon Food Service, Great Lakes East Division, to see how we could help as a group.  We meet as a divisional sales team three times a year and generally have some sort of non-profit organization we try to support at each meeting.  As a result of meeting on Friday, November 4, 2011  – we challenged our team of approx. 160 members to support NWHCM with peanut butter or protein bars.  As a result of the groups effort we collected approximately 150 pounds of Peanut Butter and 100 boxes of Protein Bars to send to Northwest Haiti Christian Mission to support the feeding program at the Mole St. Nicholas.

Below is the original note or plea I sent out to the team…


You have just received the invite for our upcoming November 4, 2011 Divisional Sales & Marketing Conference.  As you read we have an opportunity to “Give Back” in a way of serving those much less fortunate that we are.  We are a blessed people and I am throwing out this challenge to you and your families.

I have attached a real life story from a missionary friend of mine that lives in the Mole St. Nicolas, Haiti.  This remote community is in the northwest portion of this broken country.  I have visited Haiti two times over the last 18 months and have seen these stories in real life and it breaks my heart every time I experience it.  I just received this from Jody Castillo earlier this week and sat back asking myself what “I” could do…………just me, one person.   I then shared this with Kirk and Jessica to see if we had anything planned for our upcoming meeting.

As a result WE have two opportunities to “Give Back” and I encourage you to support both.  I cannot imagine living under either one of these conditions………….with out a coat in Michigan during our winter months as a homeless person.  Nor could I imagine telling my young children (they are no longer young) they can only have something to eat every other day at best.   I cannot imagine the anguish I would go through as a parent.

Here is where you fit in.  I challenge your teams to support these projects with open arms.  The children and homeless are waiting for us to respond.

For this event we are looking for you to bring in any of the following:

1 pound jars of Peanut Butter
Protein Bars of any sort of flavor
Granola Protein Bars
Individual Packaged Protein Snacks
New or gently used winter coats

With what is collected on 11/4/11, I will see that this food gets delivered to the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission office in Zionsville, IN just outside of Indianapolis to be shipped to Haiti in their next container leaving the country.  My goal then would be to find matching US dollars in the value of the snacks and peanut butter collected to send directly to Jody in Haiti so she can immediately buy rice and beans on the street in Haiti from the Haitian markets  to feed those in need.  These dollars support two initiatives, those starving of malnutrition and those selling the product on their local markets.

WE are a blessed people.  How will you look at this opportunity?

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”  Luke 12:48



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