SO Thankful…Day 5

I think all of us go through seasons of goodness and rebellion – in one way or another. There are seasons where we open our hearts and minds to what Jesus wants for us – and there are seasons where we lose our way. It could be as simple as not doing something you know God has called you to do.

Ever done something that you wished you could take back? Sure. We all do.

Ever tried to apologize but no matter what they just can’t seem to “let it go”?

I was having a conversation with a lady from church. She was telling me that she and her mother haven’t talked in over 15 years. That there was an incident back then where the daughter made an unwise choice and her mom never forgave her.

This lady has tried numerous times to make amends with her mom – but all her efforts have fallen on deaf ears. Her mom simply can’t let it go. The lady had tears in her eyes and hurt in her heart. I know so many families who are completely torn apart because they can’t get past –  the past….

You know what’s amazing? Our God never tires of forgiving us! He takes great pride in “letting it go” – ALL OF IT! He not only forgives but He extends grace and mercy to people who simply don’t deserve it. He can’t wait for it! It’s one of His favorite things to do!

I serve  a God who never tires of me! Who never stops looking for me! Who’s greatest desire is to have a relationship with me!


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