SO Thankful…Day 4

Ever just walk to your fridge and pull out a cold drink and pour you a glass?

Ever just walk to your faucet (of course with your fancy Brita filter) and get a glass of water?

Ever just walk to your freezer and get a couple of ice cubes?

Well if you can do that – you’ve got the entire country of Haiti beat! You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone!

Millions of people around the world do not have access to clean water. Those that do often have to walk miles. Can you imagine walking 3 miles to turn on your sink faucet every time you want a little water? There are fishing villages who live off of a 5-gallon bucket of water for days on end. Can you imagine telling your child they can’t drink because the water has to “last us” ?

I know growing up I hated to do laundry! Who does? I keep seeing those commercials for front-loading washing machines! The Haitians would have no clue what to do with that!! They spend hours down at the river washing clothes. They have a wooden paddle and lye soap. They BEAT the dirt right out of them clothes! I know not every home in the states has a washing machine but I doubt that you walk to the local river to wash your clothes!

Back in the day I remember not only going to the river to wash our clothes but also to take our baths! I will never forget when we had a team come to Haiti and we were plum out of water. That happens some now and we tell you to take “bucket baths”. But back then – we couldn’t even get enough water for the buckets!  The team was a little nervous but we (missionaries) weren’t afraid! So what did we do?  You got it! Everyone had their bathing suits on – and we bathed in the river with the Haitians  – every day for over a week! This happened time and time again! Those were the good ole days!

I live in a 3rd World country but God has blessed my family with water! We have water to bathe and water to drink! Not just water  -but a freezer with “some” ice! Not every drink is cold but man after a hot day of ministry – there isn’t anything better than some ice cold water! Can I get an Amen?


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