SO Thankful…Day 15

I’ve spent the majority of my life in Haiti yet when I moved to the Mole I don’t think I really had any idea what street ministry was about. I’ve always known how to do it – I just never stopped to really think about the people we’re ministering too. Not in any sort of depth.

My eyes have been opened over the last year in ways I never thought were possible. I will only share two of the “realities” that have been exposed.

Reality 1
In the spring a team came in to work with the teenagers. We spent days talking to them about purity. We asked for individuals who had already had sex but wanted to make a new promise to come forward so we could pray over them. You might expect for half the room to come forward. What you didn’t expect was for all but about 5 people to come forward! The girl who was praying became so overwhelmed at the number that came forward she began to cry through the prayer. When the prayer was over one of the girls asked – Why are you crying? My own mother doesn’t cry for me? Why are you crying for me?

Wow! Talk about an eye-opener! Who is telling these teenagers that they are worth something? That they are worth crying over? That they can be somebody? That God has a plan for them?

Reality 2
We showed a movie downtown at the soccer field. When the movie was over a little kid came up to me and said, “Thank you for showing the movie. Tonight when I get home my father will be asleep. Tonight he won’t be able to touch me. He won’t be able to hurt me”.

How many children that night were thankful for the movie – not because of it’s entertainment value but because it saved them from harm that night?


I could sit here and list 15 “realities” without even blinking. I could tell you about things that we’ve personally seen and experienced in the Mole that would bring you to your knees…..much like it has brought us.

I can honestly say that I am not the same person I was last year. My heart for the people and specifically those who live in my neighborhood is different. My passion for street ministry – for loving on our neighbors – for finding ways to get into their homes and pray the name of Jesus inside – -to set the captives free – to love on the oppressed and those in bondage –  to offer a loving touch to the child I pass every day on the street – – it’s unlike any force I’ve ever experienced.

So today – even though it shreds everything in me – I am grateful for exposed realities.

No longer naive – it has changed the way I pray, serve, act, and fight in the neighborhood I live in. 

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