And Just Like That…

Today Jose and I took down the boys’ cribs. I have known for months that we needed to do it. They are like little monkeys and climb out of their cribs as soon as we put them to bed. With the orphanage opening soon – we have decided to donate them. I have to tell you that it was really an emotional thing for me.

Nine years ago – Gigi came into our lives. At 2 years old and 7lbs she needed a little bed just for her! She needed a place where she could bounce around on her back. AND  let me tell you she could bounce two feet up in the air! So we went to a baby store in Miami and got her a little crib. Then we personally put it on the ship that was headed to Haiti.

It wasn’t long after that and Mikela came into our lives. She needed a little crib too! So we bought a 2nd one.  When we graduated Gigi out of her crib  – it was Rosie’s turn. Then Malaya. Then Gabriel. Then Asher & Levi.

One by one each of my little ones – all 7 of them – slept in those two cribs that Jose just put in the gator and took down the road.

There was a part of me that wanted to just hold on to them – – you know in case we “accidently” ended up with more kids! 😀

Those beds carried precious moments in time that once held my precious little ones. But then I thought about all the little babies that sleep on dirt floors. The little babies who don’t even have a blanket to lay their head on. The little babies who would love to bounce on a soft mattress!

Tonight the boys were so excited to see their new “bed” — which is just mattresses on the floor! They were already jumping up and down –  and falling all around! They have tasted freedom & absolutely love it!

Watching my silly little boys play on their mattresses – I realized something. Somehow in holding onto memories – I was holding my little babies back! They weren’t meant to be caged but to roam free!

As I lay in bed tonight – I can’t help but wonder……

How many other “things” am I holding back…….because I just can’t let go…..

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