Happy 3rd Birthday Asher & Levi!

It’s hard to believe my babies are 3 years old! On Saturday we are having a Spiderman Birthday Party at the orphanage!

Today as I watch the boys running around – chasing each other – I can’t help but think about the day we found out we were expecting! Shocked isn’t even close to what we felt!

Hearing those two heartbeats took our breath away! Spending over 90 days in the hospital just to keep those hearts beating – it is so overwhelming for me to even think about even now. The babies were ready to greet the world at 24 weeks. It was a fight every day to change their stubborn little minds!

The doctors told us that the boys would be premature and that our life in Haiti would be forever changed. They told us the boys would be in the NICU for months and would need consistent medical care for their first few years.

The babies spent only 1 day in the NICU and we came home 6 days later! We moved back home to Haiti when they were 2 months old! Little Miracles!

I probably shouldn’t have blogged during my pregnancy as I was pretty whiney! (I know that’s shocking for you to hear). But I found this blog and it made me laugh! I’m so dramatic!! HA! 🙂

Pregnancy Lullaby…..


After spending all day at the hospital in labor – doctors debating whether they would let me deliver – – they stopped it 7 hours later. My mind is not in a good place. This poem not quite like –  Scared Little Child…… :)

Lullaby – – – and good night,
If you’re pregnant – yeah right.

There’s no sleep for any of us,
I’m so big – I’m about to bust.

We can thank our precious Eve,
Because of her – I cannot breathe!

There are times I want to forget,
Not likely – babies poking my hip.

When oh when will they come out?
I’m so miserable I want to shout.

My doctors are forcing me to keep them in,
Being this pregnant – should be a sin.

I think I pee 10 times an hour,
I black-out every time I shower.

My feet are huge and beginning to swell,
I am larger than a great white whale.

My belly is HUGE and really, really tight,
Can you tell – I think pregnancy bites!

Not to worry it won’t happen again.
I have decided to swear off men!


The pregnancy definitely wasn’t the highlight of my life – but the boys sure are!

Thank you Jesus for giving me two of the best gifts any girl could ever ask for!

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