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Happy 9th Birthday Mikela!

Today was a triple birthday celebration for  – my sister Lori – my brother Bud – and my little singer Mikela!

Hard to believe that Mikela was just 10 months old and 4lbs when she came into the gates of the mission. At that time our family already had several Haitian children living with us. The baby orphanage wasn’t built so I placed Mikela in Heaven’s Waiting Room (our special needs orphanage). After she spent a few hours there – one of the workers brought her back to my house. They told me she was going to die and they didn’t want her to die in front of the other children.

So I took Mikela into my home. I fed her with an eye dropper  – just a few drops of formula every 15 minutes. As Mikela began to grow – she developed an eating disorder. She wouldn’t sleep unless she had a cracker in her hand.

To think of where she came from and to see her now – a beautiful, sassy, inquisitive, young lady – it’s a miracle!

Happy Birthday Mikela! Our lives wouldn’t be as bright without you!

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