Hide N Seek…

Trying to find quiet time with 6 kids can be quite the adventure. They just flock to Jose and I. We will be sitting upstairs and put their favorite movie on. Then we fix them popcorn. We head down to our bedroom and within 5 minutes every single one of them are laying in our bed with us!

There were a couple of days that I just didn’t have the energy to get out of bed. We’ve just been going non-stop since we’ve been out. I’m needing a vacation from my vacation! Know what I mean?

So I was laying in bed in our basement – watching the boys play Hide N Seek (all on their own).

The twins are 3 years old and Gabriel is 5 years old. One would stand in my bedroom and close his eyes and count to 8. The other two would take off hiding. Gabriel would look in my room and not see them. But before he could even walk into the next room – the boys would jump out and say HERE I AM! 

We kept trying to explain to the children that they had to stay in their hiding spots until someone found them. The next round went on and sure enough Levi would yell out – I‘m over here!  Jose tried to help the twins hide in different spots but sure enough once the counting was almost over – they would run right back over to where they always hid and Gabriel found them right away.

The way they played the game did not make any sense. Yet they laughed and laughed the whole time. They play it EVERY day. Doesn’t matter if there are perfect hiding spots. They always go back to the same 3 spots to hide. If Gabriel takes more than a 30 seconds to find them  – they can’t contain themselves – they have to pop-up and say HERE I AM! 

No matter how much Jose tried to help those boys find a new way to play – a new direction to go – they kept going right back to the same spots that cost them the game.  And while the game was still full of laughter –  no one ever advanced.

As I was watching this ridiculous game of Hide N Seek –  God really began to speak to me. How many times do we “do the same thing” hoping for different results? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself in this repeat cycle – arriving in the exact same spot – and never advancing. Even with coaching from those who love us dearly – it can be really difficult to get out of our comfort spot.

We’ve experienced a lot of bumps this year as we traveled on this beaten path. There’s a reason it’s called “the road less traveled”. It can really hurt!  We have felt satan’s attacks like never before!

BUT – we have also learned SO MUCH!  God has used adversity to strengthen us & to grow us!

As we begin 2013 – we will definitely be getting out of our comfort spot and approaching many aspects of our ministry in a whole new way. Because if you always do what you’ve always done  – you’ll always get what you’ve always got!



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