Whom Will You Serve?

Whom Will You Serve?

Posted on March 28, 2013 by coachin4christ

He must increase; but I must decrease. John 3:30

This morning the kids came into class all ready to tell who did what, who’s fault it was, who was angry with who and what crazy dream they had that night. I walked out and shut the door…about minutes later I came in with a basin of water and a towel and began to wash the kids feet. For the first time in quite a while they had nothing to say…and many of you know these precious ones:>) I began to tell them of Jesus and His disciples in the upper room. I told them that during Jesus’ time when they went into a home there would be someone there to wash the dust and dirt from their feet. The roads were dusty and dirty and just like here, people walked from place to place with no shoes or wore sandals. It was a common practice to clean those dusty, dirty feet.

I told them how Jesus went, picked up the basin, wrapped a towel around Himself and began to wash the disciples feet. I explained how Peter didn’t want His Jesus to stoop down to do this. That this was considered a lowly position…a humble position. Just as David the shepherd boy was looked upon as a lowly position…being a shepherd. He was looked down upon because he was probably dirty, dusty and smelled like the sheep that he lovingly took care of . This is the position that a foot washer played then. For Jesus to do this….Peter didn’t want his Teacher, Friend, God’s Son to bend the knee to him. Jesus explained to Peter that He had come to serve, not to be served. I explained to the kids that this is why I came…this is why their Daddy and Mommy came…why their Paw Paw, Nanna, Uncles and Aunts do what they do….because they desire to serve the One who sent them.

By the time I reached the last kiddo I was overwhelmed with emotion. Overwhelmed by the example Jesus sets for us. He has shown us how to serve and be humble. I have fallen short so many times. I have spoken when I should have kept my mouth shut. I have kept my mouth shut when I should have spoke. I have allowed past sins to tempt me and my mind. As I began to pray for the kids and for the reason we are here in Haiti my heart flooded with all those that do not know Him. That haven’t experienced the abundant life that comes with wallking with Jesus Christ. “It is by His grace that I have been saved through faith in Jesus.” He alone has set me free….He paid the price for me by sacrificing His life. There is no greater love than this. He took upon His self all of my sins and was willing to die for them. What other God can we say do this? He freely gives us the choice to accept Him….some will and sadly some will choose to go their own way. Living in a country where you can feel the presence of evil and at times even see it….it makes me grateful that I have Jesus and that He leads me.

I have come to Haiti to serve….to serve the Castillo family as they serve….to serve the children in the orphanage…to serve the children in Mole St. Nicholas….to serve the women in the Mole…to serve Christ Alone, because He is worthy.

Philippians 2:1-18

My question to you is….Whom will you serve?

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  1. Thank you Miss Beth for this wonderful and humbling example of teaching through serving!

    We cannot wait to be back in the Mole. Serving with NWHCM has been and continues to be the most exciting adventure of my life because God’s Holy Spirit overwhelms my soul compared to here in the States as the noise of everyday, distracting temptations compete for my heart’s desire.

    Danny, Kim and Gabby Groves

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