Part 2 & 3 – School-Centered…

This week we began putting up the walls for the school room & for the school teacher – Miss Beth! We are hoping to get most of it constructed this week so that Jim & Walter can wire it before they leave. They are also helping with some of the plumbing for the entire complex.

This month is flying by! I’m just a little nervous about having everything ready in time. Not only do we have to get our homes ready but we also have to get the kitchen part of the cafeteria ready. Since our rental home also houses the group kitchen – we have to make sure the kitchen in the campus cafeteria is wired, plastered, rodent proof, and ready to be used!

So much to do by the last week of June. We are a little frustrated as more and more expenses pop-up with this entire moving project. I really can’t wait to just be done with the whole building process! I know that God has been and will continue to be faithful!

Please pray for my sanity! We are starting to pack up parts of the house and everything is so messy!  I’m not OCD but I do like for everything to be in its place! So I’m losing my mind just a little bit! 🙂


Just breathe…..Just breathe….(I have to say that about 50 times a day!)




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  1. Jody, Please know you are loved, thought of and being prayed for in this process. I wish you had a clone to help you because I know that’s the only way anyone could be of assistance! You are special and admired for so MANY reasons! Can’t wait until it’s all finished and you are free of this burden. Love you! k

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