Confirming the Call…

Our Electricians – Jim & Walter – arrived last night! They haven’t wasted any time getting to work on the house. I told our construction crew to stop working on our home now and to move on to the school & Miss Beth’s apartment so that Jim & Walter can wire all of it too. So tomorrow we’ll see their walls popping up!

Jose & I no doubt feel called to Haiti. I’ve known since I was 9 years old. Jose realized it when he first came to Haiti over 15 years ago and saw how much it reminded him of his childhood. There is just this natural compelling part of us that wants to help others. It’s hard to come to a place like Haiti and not want to give your whole life to serve with God’s beautifully crafted brothers & sisters.

But sometimes you have to evaluate your reasons for being here. Sometimes – even as missionaries – we need that gentle reminder – a subtle confirmation – that we are still smack-dab in the center of God’s will. Living in a 4th world country – there are few things that go “right”  – at least not during the moments you want them to.

This house seemed truly impossible to fund. Everyone we love and know is ALREADY helping so many others. As I watched the foundation poured – I wondered how we would fund the walls. When the walls popped up – I wondered how we would afford the roof. When the roof popped up – I wondered how would afford the windows, electricity, plumbing, kitchen counters, etc.  I felt like God was saying seriously Jody? How much more proof do you need that I’ve got this?  This IS MY WILL for your family. 

This year has been a difficult year for our family on all levels. We’ve been attacked – our children have been attacked – our ministry has been attacked – our friends have been attacked. There were several weeks where I just couldn’t/didn’t know what to say or blog. There were days that the ministry just got the best of us…..where we felt defeated……inept……too weak to keep fighting.

But then there were these days –  these magnificent and majestic days – days where God’s glory shined down so brightly it was blinding to the eyes.

– – His presence so powerful it would knock me off my feet.

– – His presence so near I could feel his breath on my neck.

– – His presence so strong it rescued me right as I began to  faint.

– – His presence so pure that He swaddled me in His robe of righteousness

–His presence so loving  that His arms fit perfectly around me.

— His whispers so clear……I got this. Look at me. Look only at me. I got this. Drown out everything else. I got this. Watch what I’m about to do.

You know some days you just need to be swaddled and cuddled in the arms of a savior. These past few weeks in the midst of ALL the daily struggles – I have encountered a crying savior. I have encountered a protective papa. I have encountered the living water. I have watched Him claim victory.

We feel so blessed to have this beautiful home…but more importantly we feel so blessed to have experienced the presence of Christ in such an undeniable way during this entire building process!



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