Walk to the Market…

This is a blog from my momma about our Women of Worth Retreat – womenofworthhaiti.org

Please join our family for an incredible experience serving Him while loving on our beautiful Haitian sisters!

Walk To the Market…

I love the many facets of being a missionary but I have to say my favorite is ministering to the women of Haiti.  I always have said the burro is not the beast of burden in Haiti; it is truly the women that carry the heaviest load.

I am amazed at how they get up each morning  – as early as 4 a.m. to take their goods to market.  Some ride donkeys but many carry their goods on top of their head.  Their minds are troubled with the need to sell everything in their bucket. They are constantly crunching the numbers in their mind. How much do they have to bring home to feed their family for one more day? Many ladies have sick children at home. They are praying that they’ll have enough for desperately needed medicine.  Their troubles and worries are magnified with every step they take away from their hut and towards the market.

As I look into their faces throughout the week, weary souls emerge exasperated at trying to provide for their family.  But come Sunday, the faces tell a different story.  Those same ladies come ready to Praise the Lord.  For just a couple of hours they can get lost in the songs, the prayers, and the preacher’s message.

Her self-worth doesn’t exist.  She feels used and abused.  She feels the weight of the world on her shoulder. She is rarely affirmed. There are few kind words that ever fall upon her. What can we do to change this?  The Women of Worth Retreat is designed to plunge head-on into the lives of these Haitian ladies.  We will pray with them, teach them, work alongside them, and empower them!

Five days of sharing and caring will lift their weary Spirits!  It will give them a new memory to take home with them.  Can you imagine that same walk to the market after this retreat? What will they be thinking NOW as they walk to sell their goods?

Ladies came all the way from the USA to love me on me? ON ME!?!  I really do matter to others! There is a loving Papa that calls me His own! God I know You will provide my needs!  God I know You have a purpose for my life! God I know that I am precious in Your sight. God I know that I am covered by Your grace! God I have to tell others at the market about my newfound Hope!”



(Diana Owen)

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