Deck the Halls…

Deck the Halls with wooden walls! FA! LA! LA! LA! LA! –  LA!  LA! LA! LA!

After being gone a week – we just spent the afternoon on the construction site with the boys! I was SO SURPRISED to see how far along they were! They’ll start putting on the roof tomorrow! There’s still a lot of work to be done – but they are flying through it!

The kids have been dreaming and talking non-stop about finally having their “own” home. Right now, 6 of the kids sleep in one room. They drive each other nuts which in turn drives us nuts! We can’t wait to separate them out some!

We have to be out of our rental by the last week of June. We are currently 9K short on completely funding our home/school/Miss Beth’s apartment. Right now we don’t have enough to purchase all the windows. If it weren’t for the fact that windows keep rats and bugs out – I wouldn’t mind so much! Praying for God’s divine intervention!

Either way – It’s home! 🙂

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