Construction Update…

One side of the house has ALL the walls up! WAHOO!!

The girls cannot wait to move….they want the house to be done already. They keep talking about how cool it is that they are so close to the orphanage! The kids already feel at home there.

The employee homes are just a stone-throw away! The kids are loving that they can see them anytime they want! Which is great for the kids…..but maybe not so much for the staff! 🙂

The boys are REALLY enjoying the “process” of building! They ask every day if they can go to the construction site and see the men work! It’s so funny to see how interested they really are. Every time the men put up a panel they clap their hands and cheer them on!

Jose & I are headed to INDY for a few days for the mission’s board meeting. It was SO HARD to leave! We LOVE watching the daily progress! I’m thankful Miss Beth is there to take the boys to the site and to watch the progress!!

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