Climbing The Walls…

What an amazing Mother’s Day! After spending a blessed morning at church – I spent the afternoon with all my little ones!

They each came up with their own way of gift giving! The boys are always hilarious and creative in their gifts! All three of them had a promise of no bed-wetting or dirty diapers! If only every day was Mother’s Day!

I was most touched by Rosie’s thoughtful gift. She took her sensory brush and brushed my arms, legs, and back – just like I do for her. She said every time I brush her that it shows her I love her. So this was her way of showing she loved me!

I couldn’t have asked for better gifts…but God certainly sweetened the day with the arrival of 5 trucks full of supplies!

Three trucks were carrying all the panels/walls of our home along with boxes of supplies for the orphanage. This was shipped from the states at the end of March and it’s already here!

The other two trucks contained all our roofing, plywood, & building materials!

This week we will start putting up the walls to our home! I can’t believe I get to say that!! Let me say it again. THIS WEEK we will begin putting up the walls to our home!

It should take about 2 weeks to build the home & roof it. Then we have electricians coming into Haiti at the beginning of June to put in all the electricity!

As you can imagine – even in the states  – building a home requires a lot of patience and there’s typically a ton of problems throughout the process! Everything has to line up just right to even get started. I honestly wasn’t sure if we would even be able to start building in May.

Everything in Haiti takes about 10 times longer than the states. We have been hitting our knees hard and praying for God’s divine intervention. It is a MIRACLE that everything has arrived here and we’re still in May!

The boys want to go to the property every chance they get. When they heard the “big trucks” were here – they begged to go to the property and watch them unload! I am so thrilled for my boys to have such a large playground! Today they were literally climbing up our walls! Hopefully that won’t happen once they’re actually up!

As you will see below…little LEVI is so excited to show you all the supplies that have arrived!

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  1. My husband, Walter, is coming at the first of June to help Jim with the electrical work. He is so excited! Thanks for posting this! Now, he knows that everything is right on schedule! I was at the other mission 5 years ago and I am glad he also gets to go now and help with the new site.

    • We are so excited to have Walter and Jim! When our battery exploded and caught fire – all we could think of was what would happen if we were in the wooden house? This is why the electrical is so important. Concrete doesn’t burn quite as easy as wood does. We are honored that they would both come to provide safe electrical work for our home!!

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