First Week in Our New School….

It’s our first week back home & now  the kids have officially started school!

Praising God EVERY SINGLE DAY for Beth’s dedication and love for my children!

Here are a few of her posts from this week:

So it’s Sunday… And Tut Tut it looks like rain…oh wait it is raining, so a nap is necessary, right? Wrong! Knock on the door is Rosie and Asher…it’s time to eat? No Asher. It’s time for school? No Asher. How much longer until School? You have one more night to sleep and then we wake up it is time for school. I can’t wait that long!! Nothing like a little pressure;)

The girls and I are going to begin a journey of what it means to be a missionary and why is it that we are here and what part do they play in this work. Reading about missionaries from the past and leading it off with the great commission that calls all of us to “go” and make disciples. We don’t have to go to a different country…we can go right next door:) Pray for the girls as they read about men and women of faith…that their belief and faith will grow and that they will continue asking questions. Pray for their hearts as we read His Word that they will grow in wisdom and understanding.


Knowing how God has wired us differently…the boys and I for the next 40 or so days (probably longer:) to show them that they are the child of a real King and that they can be Mighty Warriors for Him…young boys with integrity, honor, truth, courage and love. Pray for their hearts as the Heavenly Father speaks to them through His Word…never to young to get wisdom and understanding…Amen?


Busy beavers this morning as we start our first week of school.


Gabe had the joy of doing push-ups. He got in trouble:( we need to work on his form!!


Gabe has redeemed himself by helping Levi sew up his animal:) lol


Do we know our numbers boys?


Science work in the making…studying environment right now:)


Rosie working hard at math!! She continually amazes me! Mesi Jezi!!


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