A Castillo Christmas…

It was our first Christmas in Mole St Nicolas…..

The kids spent the afternoon making cookies for Santa! We also made a cake and celebrated Taylen’s birthday. After we were finished baking it was time to get dressed for the Christmas service. I have already shared on the Mole Blog about our Christmas Eve Service. I loved seeing my little ones serve the community with so much love. After the service, all my kids gathered together on our footsteps.

The children were nervous that Santa wouldn’t know how to find their new house. So my dad sent in special reindeer food so Santa would know right where to go! Here is a video of the kids sprinkling out the reindeer food.

The kids knew they had to go to bed for Santa to come! Santa came around 1am. All the girls woke up easily  – including Izzy. It took a few shakes to wake-up the boys. They were pretty tired even as they opened the gifts.  Below are a few pictures! We hope and pray everyone was as blessed this Christmas as we were.

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