Easter Weekend 2014…

This past weekend we went to my sister’s house! The kids truly enjoyed spending time with their Auntie Lolo & Uncle Scott. My parents joined us as well! My sister is so creative and has so many wonderful ideas to teach the children about Jesus!

Our Festive Weekend Activities….

On Good Friday…

With donuts, icing, and Oreos  – my sister taught them about Good Friday and how the tomb is empty! It was like a little Sunday School Session!

With peeps, peanut butter, butterscotch, & noodles – the kids made bird nests!

On Saturday….

Saturday morning we bravely took the kids to get portraits done! The individual pictures were beautiful! The family ones were pretty typical – you know about half looking at the camera and only half smiling! 🙂

Saturday evening we watched my nephew DJ in the Music Man High School Play! He did AWESOME! 🙂

Saturday evening we did a glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt! The pictures don’t really show it – but there were about 100 eggs with blinking toys in them. It looked like a disco party in the backyard! There was tons of candy thrown on the ground too. The kids had flashlights to look for that!

On Resurrection Sunday….

Sunday morning it was breakfast at church! My sister led the worship the first service & children’s church the 2nd service. The kids loved hearing that Jesus has Risen! Eggs & bunnies are lots of fun….. But knowing what Christ has done and continues to do for us – that’s life-changing! Hearing my children talk about how Jesus is bigger than death & how He took the punishment that was meant for them  – that’s priceless!

We spent Sunday afternoon eating, laughing, hunting baskets, & playing cards!

What an incredible weekend of family fellowship! 

Here’s some clips from our Easter Egg Hunt!

And here are some pictures from our fabulous weekend….



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