Surprise Kids – Guess Who Came To Visit!?!

Early Thursday morning – around 1am – our beautiful friends Marla & Ryan Crisman surprised our kids by driving 10 hours from Missouri to Kentucky! We kept all the kids downstairs for a slumber party so we could sneak them in the door! Of course my girls were still awake and it was hard not to tell them the secret. So they peeked in really quickly and the girls were shocked! Rosie said she wouldn’t be able to sleep now that she knows they’re here. She’s too excited.

The house got to wake-up to Ryan cooking chocolate chip pancakes! The boys were delighted to see them! Then it was off to the park for a picnic! They played outside almost all afternoon! Then it was card games, movies, muffins, & shrinky-dinks.

It was a really quick trip as they headed out this morning – but it was one of the best surprises we could give our family. Thanks Marla & Ryan for coming to the best state in the country. That was really our gift to you – for you to visit Kentucky. I know it was a long exhausting drive….then a fun & exhausting day with all the family…..followed by that same long drive back – – –  – but you sure do know how to make us feel loved! You were just what we needed this week!

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